Assets Tracking Solutions

Apex Secure GPS solution for Assets

Assets Tracking Solutions

Worried about safety of your costly equipments and machineries working remotely? Apex Secure gives you peace of mind by providing exact location and route of your machineries. Add more safety to your equipments by installing tracking unit on it.

We are dedicated to improve your tracking experience by enhancing our system regularly. We understand your needs and goals and most importantly safety of your assets, and with that in mind we have developed asset tracking solution.


  • Tracking by SMS/Website
  • Tracking by time/distance interval
  • Get position location via call/SMS
  • Engine on/o? detection
  • Built-in backup 950 mAh battery
  • Remote Engine cut o? to stop the car in safe condition
  • ARM9 high speed microcontroller
  • Wiretapping/remote listening via phone
  • Get location physical name via SMS
  • Google Map link for location via SMS
  • Mileage calculation with longitude and
  • Web-based tracking centre system
  • Door open/close status detecting
  • Door open/close control (By remote key and SMS)
  • Built-in motion sensor for power & GPRS ?ow saving mode
  • Built-in 4MB memory & position logging capacity
  • I/O: 5 Inputs, 5 Outputs, 2 Analog Inputs.
  • Over speed alert
  • Geo-fence alert
  • Power failure/low power alert
  • SOS Panic button, SOS alert
  • Harsh braking and harsh acceleration alarm
  • Suddenly acceleration/brake alert
  • Accident Alarm
  • Two way communication
  • Listen & Speak, need speaker support
  • Oil leaking/Refuel Alarm (need fuel sensor support)
  • Photo with location & driving information log function
  • Equip with RFID kit for driver identi?cation and auto Arm/Disarm functions
  • Analog input for Temperature & Fuel sensor

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